Zone Free Operations
Larger batches
Improved Order Accurace
Improved Ergonomics
Flexibility For Future Growth

What is Powered Pick

Powered Pick is an ideal automated e-commerce order fulfillment solution that can be scaled to grow with your operation or to ramp up for peak order requirements. Enhancing productivity and accuracy in e-commerce fulfillment, Powered Pick solutions can help you fill over 30,000 orders per day at 200 to 600 lines per order filler per hour.


Powered Pick has become an important piece of the modern distribution center, offering customizable ways to pick orders in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Here are 10 reasons why companies should invest in a Powered Pick Solution.
  • Larger Batches
  • Improved Order Accuracy
  • Dynamic Order Processing
  • Zone Free Operations
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Greater Pick Density
  • Drop in Solution
  • Flexibility for Future Growth
  • Four Times Faster than Walking
  • 1-2 Year ROI

PoweredPick Order Fulfillment Solution

About Us
  • Mobile picking solutions that fulfill up to 30,000 orders per day
  • Fill up to 72 orders per cart
  • Integrated PoweredPik order fulfillment software for intelligent order release, productivity, tracking and reporting
  • Incorporate paper, RF, voice or light-directed picking technologies
  • Customizable Aluminum cart construction
  • Efficiently cluster pick multiple orders at one time
  • Integrates with front-end order processing software, warehouse management systems and installed networks
  • Multipurpose capability for both fulfillment and returns

Powered Pick Solutions are Customized for Each Customer's Unique Application

  • Optimized order batching and cart order building based on pre-defined business rules and order profiles
  • Opportunistic picks based on hot orders or walk paths
  • Optimized order release based on ship time, order commonality and to efficiently fill single-line and multi-line orders
  • Multipurpose cart operation for both fulfillment and returns
  • Easy-to-use management screens that enable real-time monitoring of individual order filler productivity and adjustments based on work queue and work in progress
  • Powered Pick can be configured for both discrete order and batch picking methodologies using paper lists, RF scanners, voice commands or pick-to light devices to direct and confirm actions.

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